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It is an ethylene glycol-based antifreeze in which nitrite, amine, phosphate, and silicate-free additives are used to prevent corrosion and deposits in engine parts such as cylinder head, cylinder block, water pump, radiator, and heat exchangers. Is . This product has been prepared and produced using OAT technology and based on the national standard of Iran ISIRI 338 for use in light vehicles.

OAT technology features:

  • Anti-freeze, anti-boil and anti-corrosion
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Free from nitrite, amine, phosphate, silicate and borate
  • Fluid replacement time, five years
  • preventing sediment formation
  • Preventing foam formation
  • Excellent protection of the car engine
  • According to international standards ASTMD3306 and ASTMD6210

Product applications:

  • cooling systems for all types of light engines and industrial equipment

Posted on:September 22, 2020

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