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Kimiagaran Company Behzeest operates in the field of providing industrial detergent and lubricant products and in this field, Overview of the company, achieving the satisfaction of the stakeholders by determining the requirements, trying to fulfill these needs and committing to the implementation of all laws in all areas. It is qualitative. The management of the company considers itself committed to realize this vision, to establish the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system as a standard model and to provide a suitable platform for its continuous improvement and effectiveness in order to ensure the achievement of the following goals:

Increasing the market share that can be acquired by considering the current and future needs of customers

    • Increasing customer satisfaction by meeting their needs as much as possible
    • Improve the level of product quality
    • Efforts to increase the scientific, practical and motivational competence of employees
    • Increasing the level of appropriate response in handling customer complaints
    • Identifying the root causes of customer complaints with the aim of correcting, improving and reducing their complaints

Posted on:February 16, 2023

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